We are a family owned and run internet marketing firm specialized in helping small to medium businesses to grow, reach its business goals, and further expand by efficiently utilising modern technologies combined with our outstanding design, marketing and communication skills.


Our exceptional 24/7 customer service provides our clients with the unique opportunity to be served instantly in any part of the globe - any time, any day. Being a family owned business, all our clients have the option of contacting the owners directly.


We are a truly global firm, with hundreds of long-term clients in US, Canada, Australia, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia, France, Holland, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Israel and New Zealand. We are located in Serbia, Europe, with representative office in Antwerpen (Belgium) for Dutch speaking market. All English speaking markets we cover directly or via our partner agencies and individual agents.


At Kardash & Sons we generate extraordinary value for our clients through modern, scientific, human-centered, yet goal-oriented approach. We measure our work not by its artistic or scientific value, but purely by the results and the value it creates for our clients.